Making Snowballs: How Being a Leader Begins with a Few Small But Intentional Steps

A small bit of snow may be the size of a single flake. But, it catches a little wind and sticks to another flake. Perhaps a few flakes glue together to form a small little ball atop a hill. This very small ball may sit here until it melts away. It could also have a little tiny push- one little thing that sets it in motion. That little push, whatever it may be, will take the ball over the crest of the hill and down.

Now, at any moment during the roll down the hill the ball could stop. But, the further it gets the less likely that is. Being successful is oddly similar to a ball of snow. The larger the ball is, the more it will grasp on its way down. The large snowballs accumulate more snow with greater ease than the tiny little snowball.

Being a business leader is not unlike a snowball making its way down a mountainside. Near the end, it is an avalanche of success. In the beginning, it is a single flake. All avalanches begin this way. The tiny push needed could be a simple point of advice. It could be a $400 loan from a friend. It could be a business plan consisting of two pages, or an email to a potential new employer, or a sign-up on a website. All of these things could act as the push needed to make it to the end of the mountain. Business leaders will need to accumulate and learn more as they make their way through life.

Jim Tsokanos started with a very small snowball. Not many people know this because many people know him as a very successful business leader in Washington, DC. But, he began with a small series of steps to gain enough momentum to snowball his efforts. The beginning is the hardest part, and it can begin at any age. Visit Jim Tsokanos’s Facebook page at His page is updated often with political and business-oriented content, as well as information that can be encouraging for those who are just starting off with a little snowball of their own.